[Discontinued] Long Range Deauther

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USB-powered WiFi pentesting tool. ESP8266 development board flashed with Deauther V3.0.

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⚠️ Unfortunetly we’re sold out, but we have a new version: Deauther Andromeda! 👀

What’s this?

While the hardware is primarily a ESP8266 based development board, it comes bundled with our ESP8266 Deauther firmware, which turns this device it into a powerful WiFi research tool.

Limited Edition

Logo engraved in Cardboard

These beautiful boards were assembled by hand here in Germany.
We purposefully chose Perfect Purple OSHPark PCBs, for their high quality and unique look.

As this is our first run of hardware ever, we only made 30 pieces!
If all are sold, they are gone forever!
The hardware features make it an unique ESP8266 development board that doesn’t exist anywhere else right now.

USB-A + Antenna

With a convenient USB-A plug, you don’t need any additional cables!
And for those of you that only have USB-C, we included a small adapter as well 🙂

The SMA antenna connector let’s you use the included 3dBi antenna but also any other standard 2.4 GHz antenna! You can now easily customise range of your board and have the freedom of connecting whatever antenna fits your research needs.

Both these features set it apart from all other ESP8266 development boards and have been designed specifically for the Deauther V3.0 firmware.

Deauther V3 + Huhnitor

The board comes with a preinstalled version of the ESP8266 Deauther – Nightly V3.0 to be exact. It offers a lot of advanced features that weren’t feasible with previous versions.

Keep in mind that V3.0 is currently only accessible through a serial terminal!
Luckily there’s a cross platform application that makes this process much easier: Huhnitor

With every board you get a link to a workshop recording explaining the installation and usage. You can also watch these livestream recordings about the firmware: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLqBJwWDE3G0JoM32vDkfl-JTa3WL8AiEs

Additional Notes

  • Be sure to always have an antenna connected when using it, otherwise you can damage the board!
  • Some pieces may have their very own ‘battle scars’, like little scratches or burned silkscreen at some places. This doesn’t affect the functionality, it just makes your device even more unique.
  • Don’t use this tool’s features against any other device than your own! You’re liable for all damage you may cause.
  • The ESP8266 Deauther firmware is available at github.com/spacehuhntech/esp8266_deauther under the MIT license.
  • The Long Range Deauther hardware design is available at github.com/SpacehuhnTech/long-range-deauther-pcb under the CERN Open Hardware License.
  • We practice a pay-what-you-want policy on this store. Any value you chose above the recommended price, will enable us to increase our research and development. The minimum price simply covers our costs.

Additional information

Weight0.02 kg
Dimensions6 × 1.5 × 1.5 cm

Deauther V3.0 Nightly


3dbi SMA




USB-A (Adapter to USB-C and USB-A micro included)






Board, Antenna, USB Adapters, Sticker, Thank you card, Quick start guide

2 reviews for [Discontinued] Long Range Deauther

  1. Patrick (verified owner)

    First of @ll,
    Support couldn’t be any better. Thanks to Stefan and the huhn’s on Discord for immediate answers to any question i had.
    Im not gonna spoiler the awesome unboxing experience i had… but i can tell you, it’s worth every penny 🙂
    (glad u can’t post pictures to your rating. would just take away that experience from others)
    Quality looks awesome, box is unique and shows the amount of heart that was put into the whole project.
    So far not tested, but I’m now the proud owner of #3❤️

  2. Reybies

    Hope someday you can release a deauther version for the 5Ghz frequency.

    Do you have paypal account so I can send a little money to the team?

    Best regards

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