Sticker of the month

Every order includes a fancy Spacehuhn sticker, and the sticker design changes each month.

All you have to do is place an order and get the sticker for free on top!

Your order has to contain a physical item. Only while stock lasts, if this month's sticker is already out of stock, you will get a different design.

If you're looking for a specific sticker, feel free to leave a note at checkout and I'll see what I can do. 😊

June 2024

It's a Huhn in June. Show some pride.

May 2024

The coolest huhn you'll ever stick somewhere. (Yes it's holographic!)

Spacehuhn Earth Egg Sticker

April 2024

What came first, the Spacehuhn or the egg?

Shiny Spacehuhn Sticker

March 2024

Get shiny with this colorful holo Huhn.

February 2024

Travel the stars with this spacehuhn rocket 7cm high-quality vinyl sticker.

January 2024

Classic Spacehuhn sticker. 7cm high-quality transparent vinyl sticker to huhnify your favourite things.