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Deauther Andromeda

Deauther Andromeda

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This is the last Deauther Andromeda board I have. Don't expect product updates in the future. If these units are sold, they are gone!
That being said, I am working on new hardware projects to take its place.

The Andromeda is an ESP8266-based development board with USB-A and an external SMA antenna.
Because it comes flashed with our latest ESP8266 Deauther V3 firmware, it is also a powerful WiFi research tool!
It's designed for WiFi researchers, ESP8266 developers, pen-testers, and hardware hackers alike.

Please keep in mind that this tool supports 2.4GHz WiFi only!
Tutorials on the Deauther V3 can be found on our Youtube channel and on our Blog.

Because it works over serial command line only, we made our own serial tool to make accessing it easier.

Be sure always to have an antenna connected when using it. Otherwise, you can damage the board!
Don’t use this tool’s features against any other device than your own! It is made for learning and testing. You’re liable for all damage you may cause.

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Customer Reviews

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Sebastian Padysz
Out of this world!

I had initially placed this in my cart with the intention of purchasing it at that time..... Distracted, the purchase not completted.... at a future date remembering about said product, I came back to the site.... to my dismay, out of the quantity... except! The description reads that there is 1 left(btw it still says this🫠)...I reached out and lo and behold, indeed 1 was still available (maybe there is still another 1...if u want 1 do as I did...maybe you'll be surprised as I was). So stoked!
The quality of the board is 😗👌🤌 superb. In fact, way beyond my expectations... these are almost works of art...ok, I may be overreaching with that 1.... But, they are really good. I have no affiliation with the creator of said product and get no benefits giving this review... The product is really superb.
You do need to know how to work these things... And how to use the serial tool which is another really nice touch from this creator.
I did find there to be somewhat less functionallity out of the box than what I watched on some of the videos posted where they go through some wifi sourcery and demonstrate the functionality of the device.... But that is just it... It is still capable of the fearures demonstrated...just that you have to put in the work to get them going. And everything plus more is detailed on github.
I got the device to test out a method of utilizing a auto tracking system with a directional to lock onto a drone and demonstrate how it can be "attacked" ... Deauthed to lose the signal... With attempts to learn more about the technology along with further methods of doing so and also mitigating any such avtivities/ stopping such interferrences as a project of mine. I also placed a nice high rated antenna onto the device for some extra fun.
I am realy glad I didn't give up on the item when I saw the out of stock and had reached out... Very pleased. And results are above and beyond expectations.
Now, I am wanting 1 of those clear custom HackHelds- though those are sold out now....sheesh.... They look slick...what would be extra slick?! If there could be GPS incorporated into these devices right out the box with SD card also to capture pcap info, handshakes for wifi analysis/audit, ssid and such info with date time stamp and location for such activities such as war driving 🤓. Even just adding a GPS to the hack held. Pretty please 🫠.
Anyways...really happy with my purchase.