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USB Nova mkII (USB-C)

USB Nova mkII (USB-C)

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Case not included! Scroll down to get both as one bundle, or get the case separately here.

USB Nova is a cute little USB “drive” that acts as a keyboard, much like the USB Rubber Ducky, WiFi Duck, and other BadUSBs.
 What makes it special is that:

  • You can drag and drop scripts (no SD card or WiFi connection required)
  • Easily switch between attack and setup mode
  • Supports USB Mass Storage
  • Has cool new scripting functions
  • Supports a ton of keyboard layouts
  • Can act as a USB mouse
  • It’s affordable
  • Change USB VID & PID and other cool settings effortlessly
  • Has an RGB LED
  • It’s Open-Source
  • Comes in a variety of awesome-looking cases

Documentation is available at

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Customer Reviews

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Outstanding Company! Thank you very much!

I started out by buying the BadUSB course (I found it well done and informative and covers the basics quite nicely). So naturally I had to order a BadUSB, and when the first one for some reason made it to my city just to be sent back by some error in the part of the shipping company I emailed spacehuhn and he immediately sent a new one, I think he even sent it express because I got it in only a few days!
Will Definately buy again/more


Great device, I am glad that I came across it and was able to support you. Thank you for the hand written note, that made my day. I have quickly started with your course on the badusb, it has been very informative and useful. Hope to see more projects from you in the future, and I will be supporting you.